Defining Systems offers a complete 90 day limited warranty on any system installed or service completed by our technicians from the installation or service completion date. In this time period, all trip charges, as well as all onsite and offsite service work performed, is waived. 90 day limited warranty exceptions: 1) Warranty becomes null and void if any individual not employed by Defining Systems makes changes to or manipulates any of the equipment or software that was provided by Defining Systems. 2) Warranty becomes null and void if the installation or service payment has not been received by the invoice due date.


Each manufacturer offers their own unique warranty. Defining Systems will facilitate the repair or replacement of all hardware and equipment provided and sold by Defining Systems that falls within the manufacturer’s warranty period at our then standard or SPA (see below) service rates. Temporary replacement parts may be provided while the warrantied equipment is being repaired or replaced. Defining Systems is responsible for the shipping costs related to any repairs by the manufacturer or any other affiliated agencies. Hardware installed by but not sold through Defining Systems will not be covered under any warranty provided by Defining Systems. Any such equipment may be within its respective manufacturers warranty, however facilitating repair and replacement will not be the responsibility of Defining Systems. Any equipment modified at the customer’s request may no longer be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Service Plan Agreement:

Defining Systems offers residential and commercial service plan agreements. Signing up for a SPA at the time of the 90 day limited warranty expiration is recommended. See our Service Plan Agreement.


Updated 12/18/2018